Thursday, June 25, 2009

Experimental poetry - Tóth Árpád

Kedvenc versem szóképekben. Tóth Árpád: Lélektől lélekig

My favourite poem in text images.


A billion miles or more it came to me
across the chill, black darknesses of space.
Thousands of years it sped untiringly
with non to rack off its celestial race.

Its heavenly message has arrived at last,
safe in my sight from wandering though the skies,
and dies content when I upon it cast
the coffin-cover of my weary eyes.

But through prismatic crystals lured and bent
the self-same ray reveals its parent flame,
and gives us news of many an element
related to our eart and my sad frame.

I drink it in. Locked in my veins it throbs.
And dreamily, in silence, I can feel
what ancient sorrow to my blood it sobs,
when timeless griefs the heavens to earth reveal.

Perhaps the stars feel pangs of lonely heat,
being a million orphans lost in space?
Perhaps they mourn because we cannot meet
across the icy night through which we pace?

Why weep, O star? No further do you stand
that human heart of earth from human heart.
Ah, who can tell if, at my own right hand,
my friends, or Sirius, move more apart?

Alas for friendship, and alas for love!
Alas for the ipervious road from soul to soul!
Rays from our weary eyes unceasing move,
but icy voids of nihgt between us roll.